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I was fiddling around with trying to make Thea’s modern day outfit a little more medieval! Man I have not got the hang yet of making her features consistent at all :)

And a random Kheijo! I’m sure their wacked out proportions will bother me more tomorrow. I put the inks straight down without using pencil to sketch first, which is both very fun and very unforgiving!

Day 16: (didn’t do the sci-fi prompt :P Maybe next year!)

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So here’s the story: as I was drawing Zelda, my dad came over to sit on the couch where Zelda was sleeping. So I said “Please don’t disturb her, I’m drawing Zelda” and my dad sat down really carefully. Sucess, she didn’t wake up!

This reminded my dad of a weird position that Zelda had been sleeping in earlier in the day. He started telling me the story, and as he began to explain, without thinking he clapped his hands together lightly for emphasis.

Aaaaand she woke up :P

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