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Day Twenty-Four: Character Expressions

Well, I was complaining on an earlier post that I couldn’t get Thea right, so what a good opportunity. But holy crap did that seem like a neverending amount of expressions! It took me until the 5th one to start to feel like I was actually getting the hang of her, so in the end I’m glad I did so many.

Character meme is on Nancy Lorenz’s deviantart here.

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Day 18:  Favourite animal

I’ve drawn Zelda a couple of times this month, so here’s a quick sketch of Neisha. She is looking a little upset about it because as soon as I sat down my attention hungry kitten Zelda came over, and Neisha knows that means a high¬†likelihood of getting pounced at.

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I was fiddling around with trying to make Thea’s modern day outfit a little more medieval! Man I have not got the hang yet of making her features consistent at all :)

And a random Kheijo! I’m sure their wacked out proportions will bother me more tomorrow. I put the inks straight down without using pencil to sketch first, which is both very fun and very unforgiving!

Day 16: (didn’t do the sci-fi prompt :P Maybe next year!)

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